Aivin for Wine Shops

When you visit your favorite wine shop online, Aivin will help you select, and even pair, a wine from that wine shop. Once you’ve made your wine selections, Aivin will place them in your shopping cart for a fast, easy check-out or send them to the store so they’re ready to be picked up when you arrive.

Driving a Better Experience Between Consumers & Wine Shops

Benefits to Consumers
  • Personalized wine recommendations
  • Insightful tasting notes, wine history and facts
  • Food pairing suggestions
  • Access to exclusive offers
  • Streamlined check-out online or pick-up at store
  • Alerts and reminders based on preferences and orders
Benefits to Wine Shops
  • Increased sales through upsells and cross-sells
  • Brand engagement and loyalty through in-depth information
  • Higher customer satisfaction through better pairings
  • Targeted promotions driven by inventory and higher margins
  • Reduced in-store wait times & increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased satisfaction and repeat business


Aivin is meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting seamlessly to cater to your distinctive needs and specific requirements, ensuring optimal deployment tailored precisely to your preferences.

Integrated With
Your Systems

Aivin can integrate with Custom Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Content Management and eCommerce Platforms to deliver highly personalized recommendations and experiences.

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