Aivin for Sommeliers

Aivin serves as an indispensable AI assistant for sommeliers, offering AI-powered wine knowledge and personalized guest recommendations to elevate the art of wine service.

Assisting Sommeliers to Deliver a Better Experience

Benefits to Customers
  • Deeper understanding and appreciation of wines on the wine list
  • Experience wines that resonate personally, making every meal memorable
  • Enjoy faster service for a more seamless and enjoyable dining experience
  • Discover an extensive, well-maintained wine list with favorites always in stock
  • Savor innovative pairings that enhance both the wine and the meal
  • Benefit from the sommeliers’ impressive knowledge for a sophisticated wine selection
Benefits to Sommeliers
  • Enhanced wine knowledge through instant, in-depth wine insights
  • Personalized recommendations to guests’ unique tastes and preferences
  • Efficient service that results in faster wine selection and better customer experience
  • Dynamic inventory management by optimizing stock levels against trends
  • Innovative pairing ideas optimized to guest preferences and recent trends
  • Continuous learning and development through modules on latest wine trends


Aivin is meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting seamlessly to cater to your distinctive needs and specific requirements, ensuring optimal deployment tailored precisely to your preferences.

Integrated With
Your Systems

Aivin can integrate with Custom Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Content Management and eCommerce Platforms to deliver highly personalized recommendations and experiences.

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