Aivin for Restaurants

See how Aivin can assist restaurants in curating exquisite wine menus, ensuring each selection is perfectly paired with your culinary creations to enhance the dining experience. It also intelligently manages and optimizes your existing wine stock, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Driving a Better Experience Between Diners & Restaurants

Benefits to Diners
  • Personalized wine recommendations
  • Opportunity to learn and explore new wine selections
  • Alerts for changes or specials on the menu and wine list
  • Confidence in menu selections and wine pairings
  • Social engagement by sharing new wines and pairings
  • Customized reminders for future restaurant visits e
Benefits to Restaurants
  • Upselling and personalization boosts wine sales
  • Data insights through customer preferences
  • Enhanced dining experience improving customer loyalty
  • Increased table turnover due to accelerated selections
  • Differentiation in an extremely competitive industry
  • Increase in return dining experiences


Aivin is meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting seamlessly to cater to your distinctive needs and specific requirements, ensuring optimal deployment tailored precisely to your preferences.

Integrated With Your

Aivin can integrate with Custom Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Content Management and eCommerce Platforms to deliver highly personalized recommendations and experiences.

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